How to block a website?

In this article, I will cover how you can block a certain website in a Sonicwall Firewall.
We need to create one “Address object” which contain the website we will block and two “Access Rules” which block the traffic from LAN to WAN and WAN to LAN.

I am currently running a TZ500 device, with firmware SonicOS Enhanced
Login to your firewall, and go to “Objects” and click on “Address Objects”
Click on “Add”

Change Zone Assignment to WAN, and type to FQDN.
In field FQDN Hostname type in the website you wish to block, remember to use wildcard * to be able to block all sites within

Name: Facebook
Zone Assignment: WAN
Type: FQDN
FQDN Hostname: *

When it has been added, it should look like this below.

Click on “Access Rules” and then “Add”

Select “Deny” in “Action”

From: LAN
Source Port: Any
Service: HTTPS
Destination: Facebook

When done, then click “Add”

Then we just need to make one last rule.

Select “Deny” in “Action”

From: WAN
Source Port: Any
Service: HTTPS
Destination: Facebook

Click “Add”

When done, it should look like this.

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